Strangely Named Holes
May 06 Posted by Rosemarie Mangan in Carne Golf Links Blog 

Strangely Named Holes

Visitors to Carne Golf Links in Belmullet will notice that holes 11, 12, 13 and 14 (on the Hackett course) are named Conn, Fiachra, Aodh and Finnuala. These are traditional Irish names – the first three are boys’ names and Finnuala is a girl’s name.

So who are Conn, Fiachra, Aodh and Finnuala? And why are four of Carne’s golf holes named after them?

There is a famous mythological Irish story that is known by people all over the world – ‘Die Kinder von Lir’, ‘Les Enfants de Lir’, ‘I Figli di Lir’. In Irish, it is known as ‘Clann Lir’, and in English, it is called ‘The Children of Lir’. Conn, Fiachra, Aodh and Finnuala are the children of Lir.

The Legend of the Children of.
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The Road to Carne

May 02 Posted by Kevin Markham in Carne Golf Links Blog

Ask an Irish golfer about going to play Carne Golf Links, and one of the first things they’ll say – apart from how remarkable it is – is how far the course is from anywhere. We take that with a pinch of salt… after all, we’re surprisingly close to Belmullet, and Belmullet is definitely somewhere.

We don’t deny that Belmullet is a rather solitary outpost on the Atlantic seaboard, tucked away far from the city hubbub, flight paths and traffic jams, but that’s exactly how we like it. Belmullet is part of Erris – an area the size of Co. Louth – and the peace, quiet and beauty are things we give thanks for every day. And who wouldn’t, when you can look out your kitchen window at the Atlantic every morning, go for a stroll along almost deserted beaches and know just about everyone you pass in the street.

Erris is brimming with raw, natural beauty.
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