Photographing Carne: Far More than a Thousand Words
I guess the black cloud barging in over the Atlantic should have been fair warning, but I was out striding the fairways in glorious sunshine. A black cloud wasn’t going to darken my mood. Rucksack on my back, camera in hand, I was taking advantage of the beautiful weather to photograph one of the most remarkable courses I have ever played or seen… and yes, I mean Carne Golf Links. I was heading towards the 13th green at the farthest point of Carne’s 27 holes, its green hovering above the beach, its flag sitting against the ocean and the horizon beyond. Next stop, America. And the cloud advanced.

Two minutes later the rain was inflicting a painful experience on my head and a painful lesson of the risks of how contrary the Irish weather can be. There was no shelter, despite the nearby towering dunes. The 14th is the.
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Emigration from Erris
Our history is their history and theirs is ours. By remembering the people who left, we welcome back their descendants.
- Rosemarie Geraghty

Two years ago, in July 2013, golfers & golf journalists from all over the world enjoyed the official opening event of the Kilmore nine holes at Carne Golf Links. Needless to say, the new nine holes have been greatly acclaimed since, being deemed “challenging”, “magnificent” and “stunning”. According to Robin Hiseman of European Golf Design, “Carne now has 27 of the most dramatic duneland holes in the world.” High praise, indeed!

At that time, which was the year of The Gathering, the visiting golfers also enjoyed another picturesque event in the nearby villages of Eachléim (Aughleam) and An Fód Dubh (Blacksod). A special commemorative garden in Blacksod was launched – a kind of “reverse Ellis Island” at the bottom.
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